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Adult Supports

Adult Residential

Evergreen’s Adult Residential Supports program encourages people with challenges to participate, to the individual degree possible, in all aspects of their community.

Evergreen believes everyone enters adult life with powerful dreams of a more positive future. We are committed to identifying and sustaining the dreams of individuals and their families. We cultivate partnerships that ensure individuals participate in meaningful activities and are viewed as valued members of their community.

Our curriculum provides a range of residential programs for adults with intellectual and developmental challenges served by the Commonwealth's Department of Developmental Services.

Our Mission

The mission of the Adult Residential Supports program is to support individuals in making independent choices while pursuing a life centered around community involvement.

Our Values 

"Walking With People Through Adult Life"


Support Individual Control by empowering individuals to take control of their life choices, as evidenced through meaningful and informed choices in relationships, employment, where and with whom to live and community participation.


Promote Community Membership by supporting individuals to become valued members of recreational, political, educational, cultural and religious organizations.


Encourage Relationships with families, friends, neighbors and merchants, through every day involvement in the neighborhoods and communities in which one lives.


Ensure Personal Well Being by supporting individuals to make appropriate financial decisions and healthy practices part of their daily routine.


Advance one's Personal Growth and Accomplishments through a combination of personal choice and creative support.


Zealously guard Individual Rights (civil, human and legal) and guarantee that individuals are treated with dignity through on-going training supports and creative and effective administrative practices.

Our Commitment

Our Adult Residential Supports program is committed to creating a system that promotes personal growth, removes obstacles to daily living and is flexible enough to meet the needs of its individuals while promoting their ability to learn new skills. Evergreen believes that individuals will achieve their maximum potential for self-determination and community inclusion through program models that address a wide range of residential and therapeutic needs.

Evergreen provides flexibility for individuals and families to design the program, setting, and level of support that works best for them. A wide range of services can be tailored to individuals that emphasizes lifestyles that foster opportunity, choice, and personalized control. The program seeks to maintain the individuals' social relationships with families and peers. Daily activities are emphasized, including personal care, maintaining the home environment, money management, and meal preparation. Social interactions with housemates, family, friends, staff, and members of the community are key components of the support that we provide through our program.


Who We Serve

Evergreen’s Adult Residential Supports program serves individuals who have
been diagnosed with any of the following:




Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities


Hearing, Visual and Motor Impairments


Medical Challenges with some Behavioral/ Psychiatric Disorders