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Evergreen Center

The Evergreen Center is a private non-profit organization that provides living and learning environments for children and adults diagnosed with developmental disabilities including autism, physical disabilities, neurobehavioral disorders, and other special needs.


and Services

Evergreen has a multidisciplinary team of medical, psychiatric, and therapeutic professionals to care for the comprehensive needs of each student, adolescent, and adult who is supported by our services.

Residential School

Adult Supports

Community Services

from Parents

"We appreciated Evergreen's approach to Applied Behavioral Analysis. The two behaviorists assigned to our son really knew their stuff and they really understood our son. Everyone at Evergreen understood ABA, and it seemed like everyone at Evergreen really cared about our son."

~ Chris H.

“Evergreen provided our son with a safe and loving environment for close to three years. We can’t say enough about the staff there—caring, competent and friendly. They made us feel special, as if it were a privilege of theirs to work with our son. Not only did our son make significant cognitive and social improvement in his time there, but he became much healthier. Amazingly, under careful medical supervision, which included diet and exercise, our son was able shed nearly 125 pounds from his 6’1” frame—going from an obese 350 pounds to a much healthier 225 pounds. We have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for everyone at Evergreen.”

~ Robert and Simone E.

“Our teenage son needed a residential school because he was intellectually challenged and had aggressive tendencies. We like Evergreen’s separate housing for small groups.

We like how the homes are set up. They don’t resemble an institutional setting. Our son learned cooking skills in his residence. We like their 'people' approach.”

~ Linda G.

“Our school district said we could choose any residential school we wanted. We toured the Evergreen Center three times.

We were impressed with the staff’s professionalism. And, with this challenging population, how long Evergreen was able to retain staff, five, ten, even twenty five years.”

~ Doreen & Bob M.

Our Team!

Evergreen Center offers competitive salaries, outstanding benefits, and career development potential. Most importantly, our employees have the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of children and adults with special needs.


"I have been working at Evergreen since 2005. I started as a residential counselor in adult supports and currently am a community nurse in the adult supports division. I love working at Evergreen Center as there is room for growth and flexibility, teamwork, and quality benefits and job stability."

~ Elizabeth, GM, LPN

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