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In 1982, Dr. Robert F. Littleton Jr., the founder of the Evergreen Center, set out to create an integrated learning and living environment where students could achieve their maximum potential. He established a non-profit residential school serving children and adolescents with autism and severe developmental disabilities.

The Evergreen Center believes it is essential to build skills in the areas of communication, basic academics, self-care and social interaction to successfully place students in less restrictive environments and enhance their quality of life. Using Applied Behavior Analysis as the cornerstone of its instructional technologies, Evergreen believes that students have the best chance to achieve their maximum potential when their education is based on the best evidenced-based practices available.

At Evergreen we understand the obstacles encountered by students with developmental, medical and behavioral needs. We believe the achievement of social competence is a reliable predictor of a student's successful adjustment to a lifestyle centered in community participation.

Today, Evergreen students live in group homes in local communities, supported by a caring and knowledgeable staff. Each day they travel to and from school, and in their free time they shop, dine, participate in recreation and socialize in the community.