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Office of Belonging: Cultural Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Practice (B:CEID)

Our Commitment to Belonging: Cultural Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity


Evergreen Center established its Belonging: Cultural Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity (B:CEID) Committee to promote constructive actions. The B:CEID Committee is a rotating group of interested staff who represent different programs, services, and positions at the Evergreen Center. The Committee will:

  1. Acknowledge diverse staff voices of lived experiences at all intersections.
  2. Foster a safe and learning work environment.
  3. Establish authentic contributions that are equitable, diverse, inclusive, and appropriately supported throughout the Evergreen Center.

Guiding Principles

Accountability: Promote ownership and acceptance of shared responsibility for equitable and inclusive behaviors and actions.

Evidence-driven: Leverage ABA principles and multiple sources of information to generate verifiable insights to eliminate disparities in how we intervene with children and their families for services and interventions.

Objectivity: Enhance professional ethics and organizational values in working with diverse service areas and populations.

Transparency: Increase access to information, engagement, innovation, and progress to attain higher levels of exceptionality with efficiency, effectiveness, mandates, and requirements.

Continuous Quality Improvement: Improve the effectiveness and quality of appropriate and responsive programs and services delivery and outcomes.

Belonging: Foster an inclusive culture of well-being and social connectedness to the extent that everyone feels personally accepted, valued, respected, included and supported at all levels of the organization. 

Strategic Imperatives

Align with Mission: Aligned commitment to the provisions of socially, culturally, and linguistically appropriate service delivery, including CLAS Standards, that support high-impact cultural responsiveness, humility, respect, excellence, inclusivity, and integrity in everything we do.

Outcome Measures: Leverage technology to monitor key performance indicators on cultural equity (fair and just policies, programs, and practices) diversity (representation and engagement, and inclusion (belonging and involvement) for continued improvement, progress, and impact.

Foster Supportive Ecosystem: Foster an inclusive safe and learning culture and experiences that welcome, support, develop, promote, and advance individualized and equitable opportunities at all levels— inclusive programs and services for all staff, students, family, board, and the greater service. 

Promote Social Competence: Promoted integrated cultural equity, inclusion, and diversity with social competence in everyday facets of continuous quality improvement.

Key Drivers


Belonging: Promoted welcoming conditions that foster acceptance and collegial relationships of genuine connection, care, comfort, and value of contributions. If efforts of cultural equity, inclusion, and diversity are fully embraced and practiced, then we will experience a greater sense of belonging for genuine acceptance and connectedness in supporting employee advancement and organization mission.


Cultural: Embedded perspectives, values, and beliefs of culture and social factors in action with high-quality service, respect, excellence, and integrity.


Equity: Ensures fair and equal access to the opportunities, resources, and networks that are critical to inclusivity, engagement, promotion, and advancement.


Inclusion: Creation and support of a safe and learning environment in which everyone can thrive and feel welcomed, valued, and supported to reach their full potential every day.


Diversity: Representation of many different types of identities, thinking, abilities, ideas, and perspectives while reflecting and respecting the communities we serve.