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Staff Testimonials

“The team approach provides support while we learn about our students. My experience here continues to broaden my horizons. I am fortunate to be part of this nursing team. What I enjoy most are the students and the diverse staff.”

- Elaine H, LPN

"The students at the Evergreen Center benefit from intentionally designed routines and a high degree of structure, and as it turns out, so do I!"

- Adam C, Lead Instructor

"My favorite part about working at Evergreen is being present in all aspects of the students' lives. I am able to help them academically at school, and with ADL tasks at the residence. We go on weekly field trips where I can see our students make meaningful connections with their community. The biggest reward is seeing the students interact with their families and having parents tell me how their child is flourishing."

- Toni B, Head Teacher

"The people are what make the Evergreen Center a genuinely nice place to work. The employees are friendly, caring, and fun loving. The staff is always eager to assist in any way they can, often going out of their way to help not only the students, but each other. I enjoy working in the small, intimate setting where everyone knows each other and where I can see the difference being made with our students. The visits the students make to my desk are the highlight of my day. The activities planned throughout the year are a definite plus; Prom Night, holiday celebrations, Silly Sweater Day, Opening Day, Costume Parade, the Olympics, Graduation, and the various classroom activities throughout the year, make this a truly special and engaging work environment."

- Amy S, Program Secretary

"I have been at Evergreen for a number of years. I enjoy working with supportive co-workers and supervisors. The best part of my job is working with the families and students."

- Jeanne S, Family Services

"Eight years ago, I left a state job for The Evergreen Center and I have not regretted my decision yet. Working for Evergreen for me feels like working in a family business."

- Hannah H, RN

"I joined Evergreen in 2011 after a number of years working in other schools. The program here is incredibly interdisciplinary - that's what attracted me originally, and what keeps me engaged and inspired to this day. I love sitting in a room full of professionals from various backgrounds and having everyone's individual perspectives and professional expertise valued and applied within a thoughtful, evidence-based framework. I believe this is why our students get more than just an education; they get rich experiences that integrate them into home, school, and community life and prepare them for the future."

- Jennifer N, SLP, BCBA

"The Evergreen Center provides numerous opportunities for professional growth and development while also providing a comfortable and supportive working environment that ensures that our students achieve their maximum potential inside the classroom as well as out in the community. I enjoy working with staff on a day to day basis while specializing in adapting advanced skills that staff can utilize in their professional career. I work at the Evergreen Center because they invest in our students and staff wholeheartedly. Each day brings a new experience that facilitates a positive learning experience." 

- Jason D, Residential Operations Coordinator

"I have been working at Evergreen since 2005. I started as a residential counselor in adult supports and currently am a community nurse in the adult supports division. I love working at Evergreen Center as there is room for growth and flexibility, teamwork, and quality benefits and job stability."

- Elizabeth, GM, LPN